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Daniel Trust Foundation 
285 Fairfield Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06604
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​This website is designed and maintained by our Founder & CEO: Daniel Trust
The mission of the Daniel Trust Foundation is to support students from low-income communities with their educational and career needs, and to honor teachers, who are making a difference in the lives of these students and communities in which they teach. 


We accomplish our mission through our scholarship program; the Daniel Trust Foundation Scholarship, our teacher recognition program; the Kathy Silver Award, and our mentoring program for high school juniors and seniors; the Daniel Trust Foundation Mentoring Program.
Watch Our Founder's Interview on "NYBERG"
Our founder, Daniel Trust, 26, is a Rwandan genocide survivor and a nationally recognized motivational speaker. He's lectured at prestigious universities such as Duke University, University of Florida, and Northwestern University. His story and philanthropic efforts have been featured in both local and national publications including The Hartford Courant, The New Haven Register and The Record. He’s also appeared on daytime talk shows like Better Connecticut, Connecticut Style and Our Lives. In 2014, Connecticut Magazine listed him to its 40 Under 40 List. Daniel is a father of two adopted sons and lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

​On August 17, 2015, Daniel Trust's story and work was profiled on an episode of "NYBERG," a show hosted by Connecticut's own TV legend, Ann Nyberg

To learn more about Daniel Trust's work as a public speaker, please visit:
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***Donor Spotlight***
Witness first hand the impact we are making by watching our YouTube Talk Show, The Daniel Trust Show.
Interview with Anmol Tabassum, a 2014 scholarship recipient attending Fairfield University. 
Interview with Natalie Ortiz, a 2014 scholarship recipient attending the University of Bridgeport. 
Interview with Sachin Manning, a senior at Bassick High School and a participant in our mentoring program. 
View our 2-Year Impact Report and watch a video recap from the 2015 Cocktails with Daniel Trust
​Click on this image to view our 2-Year Impact Report. 
For her 30th birthday, Marie Conde, a board member of our Board of Directors, asked all her friends and family to not give her gifts, but to instead help her send an underprivileged young girl to college this Fall. On February 1, Marie launched a 10-day personal crowdfunding campaign hoping to raise $500.00 in support of our existing crowdfunding campaign, where we hope to raise $15,000.00 for our 2016 scholarship and teacher recognition programs. 

As of February 12, Marie's campaign has raised $555.00, exceed her personal goal by 11%

Because of Marie and 34 other generous donors, our crowdfunding campaign has raised $2,350.00, pacing at 16% towards our goal of $15,000.00

Marie is no stranger to philanthropy and raising well needed funds to help send young underprivileged students to college. Last year, she presented a grant she helped secure for us through her employer's Global Giving Program, to Odie Gomes (pictured above), Vice Chairman of our Board of Directors. Marie, thank you for showing the world how millennials are revolutionizing philanthropy and fundraising for causes they are passionate about. 

If you are reading this story and are inspired by Marie's efforts, we invite you to donate or create your own personal crowdfunding campaign. If you have any questions or need support, please email us at

Thank you, Marie! You are the best.