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The Daniel Trust Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt non-profit organization registered in the State of Connecticut.  
Scholar Anmol Tabassum and Daniel Trust interviewed on "OUR LIVES"
Scholars Jocelyn Mendez and Eric Zhevel along with Daniel Trust interviewed on "CT Style"
"As a recipient of this scholarship, I was extremely thankful and appreciative of the immense love, friendship and motivation that I received from Daniel Trust. Learning about Daniel's compelling and inspiring story paves the way for me to strive to do my best. 
"What I love about Daniel Trust and The Daniel Trust Foundation is that unlike other scholarship organizations, that just give you a pay check or a "pat-on-the-back," the organization and Daniel, go above and beyond for the scholars, supporters and the local community. 
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Scholar of The Month:
We started "Scholar of the Month" to help shine the light on the amazing work our scholarship recipients are doing in college and to help our supporters get to know them better. This month, we caught up with Scholar Diamond Allen, who attends NCWC. Click here to read this interview. We are so proud of her. She received all A's in all 5 classes she took this past Fall.
Scholar Diamond Allen at the 2014 Student & Teacher Awards Dinner.
​Latest News:
The 2015 Daniel Trust Foundation Scholarship application is now live. The application with all supporting documents are due on February 6, 2015. Apply by clicking here
Donor of The Week:

Hello friends: We are so thankful to you for all the awesome positive feedback you've given us on our new "Donor of the Week" series. An initiative we created earlier this year, to help us highlight donors, who make our work possible. We truly appreciate your continued support. You're the best! 

This week, meet Sherry L. Osadchey. She's AMAZING & has a BEAUTIFUL SOUL. 
Everyone here at the foundation is a huge fan of hers. 
She's also probably our #1 fan on Facebook, we HEART her.

We asked Sherry this question:
What inspired you to become a Daniel Trust Foundation supporter and a monthly donor?
Click here to read her inspiring response.  

Sherry L. Osadchey, is a Farmington, CT based psychotherapist. She began seeing private clients in 1980 while still in training to become a psychotherapist. Her original training is in Body-Centered Psychotherapy, an integration of Gestalt and Bioenergetics as developed and taught at Hartford Family Institute, LLP. She graduated from their Kansas City based training program in 1985 before moving to CT in 1988. The years since, other interests and teachings expanded and influenced her work including animal imagery, some Native American ritual and spirituality, Past Life Regression, Spirit-based meditation and healing practices, Pre and Peri-natal Psychology and trauma. We love you, Sherry!
Sherry holds the #GiveBack #AchieveMore Campaign sign.
When YOU #GiveBack to your community, YOU always #AchieveMore.
I used to believe that whatever I did wasn't good enough and I didn't have a purpose, but getting to know Daniel made me realize that he believed in me, and if others can believe in me, then I can believe in myself. The scholarship I received will be a huge help to pay for books and other miscellaneous things."    -Natalie Ortiz.
Not only does he support his scholars monetarily, but he provides mentor-ship, guidance and opportunity. After spending a month interning with the organization in CT, I can confidently say that my words are absolutely true. I have never seen someone put in so much heart, time and commitment into what they believe in and stand for. It seemed like Daniel was up, dawn past midnight almost every single day, working on something new for the foundation." - Eric Zhevel

"I almost don't have the words to explain how much the Daniel Trust Foundation means to me. One of the best parts about the scholarship is that Daniel and the organization stay with the scholars during our journeys at college and try their best to help us, thereby keeping us connected with the organization. 
Daniel is truly one of the most sincere people I have ever met and to see his foundation grow in such a short time is truly astounding to me. As a young adult who advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, I can confidently say that this organization does a great job of recognizing young people who are fighting for the future of our world. It also promotes the sharing of stories; it helps kickstart a dialogue among people in the LGBTQ+ community and I think that that is the most rewarding aspect of the scholarship and foundation. I'm excited to see what the future has to offer for Daniel and the foundation and I will be forever grateful for the scholarship, support, and most importantly, mentorship that I have received from Daniel during the past 2 years." - Jocelyn Mendez
"The Daniel Trust Foundation is a community based organization. Not only does it effect the community surrounding it, but reaches people all over America. As a 2014 scholarship recipient, I am proud to represent this foundation. 
Daniel has inspired me to see that no situation can hold you back from success. If you are looking for moral support and guidance, Daniel is the perfect person to go to. His judgement free attitude has been influential to me. Please support his foundation because he is supporting the youth of America not just Bridgeport." - Diamond Allen
"As a recipient of this scholarship, I have nothing but great things to say. I am so blessed to have been given this scholarship. The Daniel Trust Foundation truly opens eyes to issues that we are currently facing. Regardless of race, 
gender or sexual orientation...the Daniel Trust Foundation is one to be apart of." - Micheline Amisi
"As a recipient of this scholarship, I believe that The Daniel Trust foundation is it great organization and supportive group, that all students should apply for in 2015. Daniel Trust is inspiring youths around the world with his motivating story. He became a mentor to me and one of my biggest support system. As I enter SCSU in the fall,
which he is an alumni of, I know he will be there when it is well needed. I am grateful for this foundation and hope it continues to rise rise rise! I believe everyone should support The Daniel Trust Foundation mission because it is not everyday we see someone giving back to the community they grew up in. Daniel Trust is the image of what our young men of our generation today should look like in the future. The Daniel Trust foundation has my full support." - Henryriana Maxelix