Rwanda Project #1: Supporting Girls' Education

Rwanda Project #2: Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship

Why We Do What We Do

32% of students in Bridgeport, CT and 30% in New York, NY live in poverty.

Less than 34% of girls in Rwanda go to high school and only 8% graduate.


Low-income students test below the average on the SAT.


The average cost for college textbooks is $1,200.

70% of students graduate with student loan debt.

On average teachers spend $500 for supplies and one in 10 spent $1,000 or more.

What We Do

Daniel Trust Foundation is an award-winning nonprofit that provides mentorship and scholarships to low-income students in the United States and Rwanda. The Foundation also honors teachers who are making an impact in the lives of their students.

How We Do It

How We Do It

High School Mentoring


The Daniel Trust Foundation High School Mentoring Program is a youth development and academic program for students in Bridgeport, CT and New York, NY. Enrolled students participate in weekly classes for 15 weeks in their junior year focusing on SAT prep, College Readiness, Career Preparation and Financial Literacy. 

College Scholarship 


Once students graduate from our high school mentoring program, they receive a $2,000 scholarship ($500 per year for 4 years) to help them pay for their college textbooks and other related college expenses. The Daniel Trust Foundation Scholarship, while significant, only covers 42% of the student's needs. We wish we could do more. 

Teacher Recognition 


One of the things that makes Daniel Trust Foundation unique is that we ask our scholarship recipients to nominate and honor teachers who have made a big impact in their lives. Teachers who are nominated by our students receive an achievement award and a $250 honorarium to help them supplement out of pocket expenses.

News & Updates

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Our Impact


The percentage of students in our High School Mentoring Program who graduate high school on time.


The number of students who have benefited from our High School Mentoring and College Scholarship programs since 2014. 


 The number of teachers and educators who have been honored through our Teacher Recognition Program since 2014. 


The number of hours we provided in free SAT prep to 29 low-income students in Bridgeport, CT and New York, NY in 2019.


The percentage of scholars in our College Scholarship Program who graduate college within 4-5 years. 


The amount of scholarships we will have awarded to students in our College Scholarship Program by the end of 2019.


The amount we've awarded to educators through our Teacher Recognition Program since 2014.


The value of the hours we provided in free SAT prep to 29 low-income students in Bridgeport, CT and New York, NY in 2019. 

Connecticut Office:


930 Main Street Bridgeport, CT 06604


New York Office: 


135 Madison Avenue 5th Floor New York, NY 10016

Phone: (203) 545-3170


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