Kaya Byinshii, Arnaud Gray and Rluta


The Daniel Trust Music Challenge

August 6, 2021  — August 27, 2021


The Daniel Trust Music Challenge is a digital singing competition for youth in Rwanda, which is hosted on Instagram by Daniel Trust Foundation, an award winning nonprofit organization that supports young people in the United States and Rwanda.


The goal of the competition is to give Rwandan youth the opportunity to showcase their music talent to the world and to help them launch their music careers.

Talented Rwandan youth ages 18-35 are eligible to participate in the competition. 


To enter the competition, contestants must record a 1-minute video showcasing their music talent, post the video on their public Instagram account using the #DanielTrustMusicChallenge hashtag and tag the following Instagram accounts: Daniel Trust Foundation, Daniel, Kaya, Arnaud and Rluta.

Challenge Prizes

Grand Prize


1st Runner Up Prize


2nd Runner Up Prize


The winner of the 2021 Daniel Trust Music Challenge will receive a Rwf1,000,000 cash prize and will receive publicity on Daniel Trust Foundation’s website, blog and social media.


The 1st runner-up of the competition will receive a Rwf650,000 cash prize.


The 2nd runner-up of the competition will receive a Rwf350,000 cash prize.


Daniel Trust Foundation and a team of judges will look at each contestant’s growth potential, creativity, views, likes and the engagement each contestant has with his followers in the comments of the video.


The top 3 videos selected by the judges will be posted on Daniel Trust Foundation’s Instagram and the video with the most views, likes and comments will receive the grand prize.


The judges are Kaya Byinshii, Arnaud Gray and Rluta. The three judges are alumni of the 2020 Daniel Trust Music Challenge and have since released successful music projects. 

Challenge Judges

Kaya Byinshii

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Arnaud Gray

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Challenge Timeline

Friday, August 6, 2021: The competition opens to youth in Rwanda. Contestants are encouraged to be creative with their videos and to engage their friends, family and followers on Instagram. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021: Instagram LIVE with Kaya, Arnaud Gray, Rluta and Daniel Trust. The LIVE will be hosted on Daniel Trust Foundation's Instagram account at 2:00 PM Kigali/Paris Time. 


Tuesday, August 17, 2021: The Top 3 contestants are picked by Daniel Trust Foundation and the judges. The 3 videos are posted on the Daniel Trust Foundation’s Instagram account. The top 3 contestants are encouraged to invite their friends, family and followers on Instagram to like, share and comment on their videos.  


Friday, August 27, 2021: The competition ends. The video with the most views, likes, shares and comments on Daniel Trust Foundation Instagram account will be announced as the grand prize winner. 

To learn more and to participate in The 2021 Daniel Trust Music Challenge, please click here.

Challenge Host

Daniel Trust

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