Fundraising for us is so easy!  


Create your fundraising page, set a goal, and tell your friends why you are fundraising for us.


After you've created your campaign page, share your fundraiser with your friends, family and co-workers. 


Use your upcoming birthday, wedding, run a marathon, or host a party and invite our Founder to speak.

Check out these cool campaigns!

Marie Conde


A member of our Honorary Board, Marie recently used her 31st birthday to raise awareness and funds for us. Her birthday campaign, "Using My 31st Birthday to Impact The Community" raised $595. Check out her 2016 and 2017 birthday campaigns here and here. Plus, watch her interview on our talk show here.

Ricardo Baires


A teacher honoree in our teacher recognition program, Ricardo and his partner recently hosted a party at their home to help us raise awareness and funds. Their party, "Cheese, Wine and You for A Good Cause" raised over $3,500 including their matching  donation of $1,000. Check out Ricardo and Shaun's fundraiser here.

Martin Heft


A member of our Monthly Giving Program, Martin recently used his 52nd birthday to raise awareness and funds for us. His birthday campaign, "Martin's 52 - 25 Reflection Birthday" raised $1,085. Check out Martin's 2017 birthday campaign here and be sure to watch his inspiring interview with our Founder on our talk show here