's Black Inclusion Group (B.I.G) contributes school supplies to the Daniel Trust Found

Our Founder and CEO Daniel Trust and the 52 students who are currently benefiting from our high school mentoring and college scholarship programs would like to give a B.I.G special "Thank you" to's Black Inclusion Group (B.I.G) for collecting and contributing school supplies to the Daniel Trust Foundation. "Our team rallied together to support the Daniel Trust Foundation in their unwavering goal of empowering brilliant students in low-income communities," said Kaishon Holloway, Community Engagement and Events Lead at Indeed. "We identified an opportunity to give back in a B.I.G way by running a school supply drive to further support the academic pursuits of students in the Daniel Trust Foundation high school mentoring and college scholarship programs."’s Black Inclusion Group (B.I.G) was created to foster an environment of growth and belonging where African American Indeedians and their Allies can connect, support and provide career development, mentoring, and cultural awareness opportunities. Community Engagement is a major focus for the group, as they maintain various community partnerships across the globe. "Wow! This is amazing. I am so thankful to Kaishon and his group for introducing our work and the impact we are making in the community to his team at Indeed," said Daniel Trust, Founder and CEO of The Daniel Trust Foundation. "These school supplies will make a big impact in the lives of the students who benefit from our high school mentoring and college scholarship programs."

The Daniel Trust Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Foundation invests in and supports low-income students with their educational and professional goals, and honors teachers who are making a difference in the lives of their students and communities in which they teach. The Foundation accomplishes its mission through 3-targeted programs towards the needs of the community. These programs are: (1) a mentoring program for high school juniors and seniors, (2) a college scholarship program for graduates of the mentoring program and (3) a teacher recognition program. Since 2014, The Daniel Trust Foundation has awarded $46,000 in scholarships to 42 college students who are attending some of the best colleges in the United States including Harvard University, Yale University and UC Berkeley. In addition, The Daniel Trust Foundation has awarded over $11,000 in honorariums to 35 teachers who teach in low-income school districts. For more information, please visit:

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