Special thanks to Anthony Crisci for being a member of our Monthly Giving Program since November 201

It's Friday, our favorite day of the week. And, guess what? Today, we get to honor and recognize a member of our Monthly Giving Program. Collectively, our 36 Monthly Donors contribute over $1,000 to the Foundation every month. We have so much love and appreciation for our Monthly Donors because we can always count on their contribution. Their on going financial support allows us to sustain our operations. Today, meet Anthony Crisci, one of our loyal Monthly Donors and a member of our Advisory Board. Anthony is the Executive Director of the Triangle Community Center​, a leading Fairfield County nonprofit organization that provides programming and resources to nurture the growth and connection within the LGBTQ community. Since becoming the Executive Director at TCC, Anthony has overseen the revival of Fairfield County's Pride Festival and Pride in the Park, attracting thousands of LGBTQ families, residents, and allies to Connecticut's top Pride event. Anthony, everyone here at the Foundation truly appreciates you, your advocacy for the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community, and your on going financial support to the Foundation. Thank you so much for believing in our mission. You're an amazing man. May you continue to be blessed. To join and/or learn more about our Monthly Giving Program, please click here.

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