Special thanks to Marge and Wayne Hiller for being members of our Monthly Giving Program since June

We love Fridays because we get the opportunity to honor and recognize a member of our Monthly Giving Program. Collectively, our 36 Monthly Donors contribute over $1,000 to the Foundation every month. As we always say, we have so much love and respect for our Monthly Donors because they allow us to do this work. Their on going financial support allows us to sustain our day-to-day operations. Today, meet Marge and Wayne Hiller. This couple has been there for us since day one. When we first started awarding scholarships to students, Marge is the one who advised our Founder and CEO to distribute the scholarship over a 4 year period, so we can track and keep in touch with our scholars throughout their college journey. A member of our Advisory Board, Marge Hiller is the Executive Director of the Bridgeport Public Education Fund (BPEF), a nonprofit organization that develops programs and mobilizes the community for quality public education in Bridgeport. Because of Marge's leadership at the Bridgeport Public Education Fund, the organization has had a big impact in the community and in so many young people and educators' lives. Marge and Wayne, everyone here at the Foundation truly appreciates you, your advocacy for students and teachers in our community, and for your on going financial support to the Foundation. Thank you so much for believing in our mission. You are an amazing family. May you continue to be blessed. To join and/or learn more about our Monthly Giving Program, please click here.

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