Please join us in congratulating our mentees for starting their high school senior year this Fall se

Our students are so cool! Please join us in congratulating our high school mentees for making it to their senior year. Today, we hosted the first of many Saturday group mentoring classes for this Fall semester. Last semester, we focused on helping our mentees increase their SAT scores and 80% of them did increase their Math and English scores, and 40% increased their Math and English scores by 140 points. This semester, we will focus on: 1) helping our mentees apply to college using the Common App, an undergraduate college admission application that students use to apply to multiple colleges at the same time, 2) apply for Financial Aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), an application that is prepared by prospective college students in the US to determine their eligibility for student financial aid and 3) complete the College Scholarship Service (CSS) PROFILE, an application private colleges use to distribute their own institutional funding rather than federal or state. In addition, we will help our mentees create a professional resume and a Linkedin profile to help them create a professional presence on social media. Finally, each month, September - December, we will go on college tours throughout the State of Connecticut. As we begin this journey, please put our team in your prayers as we work to invest in and support our mentees who will eventually become scholars in our college scholarship program at the 5th Annual Daniel Trust Awards in June 2018. To learn more about the Daniel Trust Foundation and the impact we are making in the community, please click here.

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