Special thanks to Karen Caffrey for being a member of our Monthly Giving Program since September 201

Our favorite day is here... Happy Friday friends! Every Friday, we honor and recognize a member of our Monthly Giving Program. Members of our Monthly Giving Program donate $10, $20, $25, $50 or $100 per month. Together, our Monthly Donors contribute over $1,000 to the Foundation every month. Monthly gifts enable us to sustain our programs and day-to-day operations. Today, we are pleased to highlight one of our favorite monthly donors, Karen Caffrey. Karen is a licensed counselor and a certified somatic experience practitioner. Prior to becoming a counselor, Karen was an attorney for a Fortune 100 corporation and at a private law firm. As a leading advocate for Adoptee Rights, Karen serves as President of Access Connecticut, a grassroots organization with a mission to restore the right of adult adoptees to access their original birth certificates, a right which all non-adopted citizens have under Connecticut law.

Most recently, Karen wrote us a beautiful review on Facebook. She said: "I am thrilled to be a supporter of the Daniel Trust Foundation! They do real, "boots on the ground" work for youth that makes a difference in their lives and their ability to get an education. They are "hands on" so I know my contributions are having a real impact. Thank-you so much, Daniel and all at the Daniel Trust Foundation, for changing the world." Karen, everyone here at the Foundation truly values and appreciates you, your advocacy for adoptees, and for your on going financial support to the Foundation. Thank you so much for believing in our mission. Please know that your monthly gifts are making a big impact in the lives of the young people and educators we support. To learn more and/or join our Monthly Giving Program, please click here.

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