Special thanks to International Lifestyle Photographer Olivier Kpognon for being a member of our Mon

Happy Friday friends!!! Today marks 11-weeks since we began honoring and recognizing members of our Monthly Giving Program on Fridays. Members of our Monthly Giving Program donate $10, $20, $25, $50 or $100 per month. Monthly gifts enable us to sustain our programs and day-to-day operations. Together, our Monthly Donors contribute over $1,000 to the Foundation every month. Today, we are pleased to highlight one of our favorite monthly donors, Olivier Kpognon. Olivier is an international lifestyle photographer and founder of O & Co. Media Group, a full-service photography, film and design studio. Olivier has a formidable reputation among both his peers and clients for his exceptional creativity, talent and professionalism. Olivier's clients include multinational corporations such as GE, Morgan Stanley, Diageo, UBS and Kraft Foods. Olivier has been a dedicated supporter and a trusted business partner to the Daniel Trust Foundation from the early stages of our founding. Since 2014, Olivier has been the official photographer for our two major annual events, "Daniel Trust Awards" and "Cocktails with Daniel Trust." Olivier, everyone here at the Foundation truly values and appreciates you, your advocacy for young people, and for your on going financial support to the Foundation. Thank you so much for believing in our mission. Please know that your monthly gifts are making a big impact in the lives of the young people and educators who benefit from our programs and services. To learn more and/or join our Monthly Giving Program, please click here.

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