This 2015 Daniel Trust Scholar had a prestigious internship at National Review as a Journalist this

It always brings us great joy and happiness when we see the students we have invested in and supported succeeding and winning with their educational and professional goals. This past summer, Sapna Rampersaud, a scholar in our College Scholarship Program attending Harvard University had the honor of interning at National Review as a journalist where she wrote pieces for the conservative magazine focusing on immigration, welfare, free speech, abortion, and sanctuary cities.

Sapna’s internship at National Review surprised a lot of people. “As an underprivileged minority female, it was surprising to many people that I would not only work at a conservative journal publication, but I would hold conservative beliefs and share them with confidence and vigor.” Sapna said in a recent interview with the Daniel Trust Foundation. “My time at National Review consolidated how I view the world and let me interact with people who viewed it the same way as I do.”

The biggest lesson Sapna learned from her internship at National Review was to never shy away from her beliefs. “From writing several pieces on immigration, welfare, free speech, abortion, and sanctuary cities, I've not only learned a lot about these topics, but I've learned how to articulate my opinions, interview people about these controversial topics, and defend what I believe in.” Sapna said. “These things aren't particularly taught on college campuses, especially when your opinion doesn't conform to the mainstream majority.”

Sapna Rampersaud on the red carpet at The 4th Annual Daniel Trust Awards. Photo: Olivier Kpognon

“I was impressed by Sapna Rampersaud from the very moment I interviewed her for the Daniel Trust Foundation Scholarship on FaceTime back in 2015,” said Daniel Trust, Founder and CEO of The Daniel Trust Foundation. “I love how she views the world from a different perspective than the majority of people I know, and I look forward to seeing her accomplish many more great things in the future.”

At Harvard University, Sapna studies Government, History, and French. Everyone here at the Daniel Trust Foundation is so proud of Sapna. Please join us in congratulating her for this major accomplishment. If you’d like to read some of the pieces Sapna wrote for National Review, please click here.

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