This teacher used her birthday to raise $1,671 from 31 friends on Facebook in support of the Daniel

Peer-To-Peer Fundraising, also known as “Social Fundraising” is a major component of our annual fundraising plan here at the Daniel Trust Foundation. Social fundraising accounts for about 10% of our annual budget. As a result, we are always searching for and recruiting supporters who can fundraise for us using special moments in their lives like birthdays, weddings, running a marathon or even hosting a wine and cheese party at their homes. So far this year, the Daniel Trust Foundation has raised over $7,000 from social fundraising, thanks to Ricardo Baires and Shaun Regan, Martin Heft, Marie Conde, Hank Ebner and Darcy Hicks.

When Darcy Hicks, a Teacher and Teaching Coach, reached out to us in August to inform us that she would be using her birthday in September to help us raise funds and awareness on Facebook in support of our high school mentoring, college scholarship and teacher recognition programs, it meant the world to us. “As someone who grew up and taught in the privileged next door neighborhood of Westport, I am continuously aware of the huge difference in education, caused by what Jonathan Kozol refers to as "Savage Inequalities," Darcy told the Daniel Trust Foundation. “I do what I can to try to help the beautiful children I am privileged to know in Bridgeport.” As a Visual Literacy Coach, Artist, and Educator—Darcy works with teachers and students in Bridgeport at the Read School and has volunteered at Black Rock School.

Darcy launched her birthday fundraiser via Facebook on August 29th and by the end of the campaign on September 12th, she had raised $1,671 from 31 friends and family. “We are truly grateful and honored Darcy selected the Daniel Trust Foundation as her charity of choice for her birthday fundraiser,” said Daniel Trust, Founder and CEO of The Daniel Trust Foundation. “I know there are so many other worthy non-profit organizations she could have chosen, but she choose us. For that, I will always be thankful to her.” The funds that Darcy raised for us will be used to support our high school mentoring, college scholarship and teacher recognition programs. A very special thank you to all the 31 donors who contributed and made Darcy’s fundraiser such a big success. We will forever be grateful to you, for your kindness and generosity.

About The Foundation:

The Daniel Trust Foundation invests in and supports low-income students with their educational and professional goals. The Foundation also honors teachers who are making a difference in the lives of their students and communities in which they teach. The Foundation accomplishes its mission through 3-targeted programs towards the needs of the community. These programs are: (1) a mentoring program for high school juniors and seniors, (2) a college scholarship program for graduates of the mentoring program and (3) a teacher recognition program. Since 2014, The Daniel Trust Foundation has awarded $46,000 in scholarships to 42 college students and has awarded $11,000 in honorariums to 35 teachers who teach in low-income school districts. To learn more about our programs and the impact we are making in the community, please click here.

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