Jeb Gaybrick teaches students in Daniel Trust Foundation Mentoring Program in NYC about Saving and I

Jeb Graybrick (in the blue sweater) with Daniel Trust Foundation students in New York City on March 15, 2018

Daniel Trust Foundation, an award-winning youth development nonprofit organization with offices in Bridgeport, Connecticut and New York City, would like to give a big special thank you to Jeb Gaybrick, an Investment Professional and a Member of the Foundation’s Monthly Giving Program, for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come teach students in the Daniel Trust Foundation High School Mentoring Program in New York City about Saving and Investing.

Jeb Gaybrick has been investing in and supporting the mission of Daniel Trust Foundation since 2015. Jeb has donated his time, skills and money to help the Foundation continue impacting the lives of low-income students and their teachers. Last year, he joined the Foundation’s Monthly Giving Program and was invited to volunteer his time and skills to teach the Foundation’s high school students in Bridgeport, Connecticut how to save and invest. “Words cannot express how much I appreciate and value Jeb Gaybrick’s advocacy and support for my work,” said Daniel Trust, President and CEO of Daniel Trust Foundation. “He is a very smart man and I am so honored he has agreed to share his knowledge and experience with our students for the past 2 years.”

In his March 15, 2018 presentation for the Foundation’s students in New York City, Jeb said “More than half of the United States adults don’t have a budget. One-third don’t pay their bills on time and another carry credit card debt over from one month to the next.” He went on to say that even when people learn about saving, they’re not much better off. Learning about saving without practicing is like learning how to drive without getting in a car. You may listen, but you won't be able to put anything into action.

Jeb Gaybrick with Daniel Trust Foundation students in Bridgeport, Connecticut on March 11, 2017

Jeb shared 5 recommendations students should remember as they begin thinking about saving for the future. He said: 1) Routine saving is more important than the amount you save, 2) Matched saving is powerful and helps motivate you to stick to your goal, 3) It’s really hard to build savings when you can easily access your money, 4) Save for something that you’re excited about. Start with a reasonable goal, and if you can find it easy then raise it. And, 5) In general, the longer you can keep savings locked up, the better off you will be in the future. Jeb told the students that building the habit of saving is the most important lesson they should take away from his presentation.

On investing, Jeb told the students that they cannot invest if they don’t know how to save. He taught them about the 2 basic types of interest: simple and compound. Jeb said, “The main difference between the two is that simple interest generates interest only on the initial principal amount, while compound interest generates interest based on both the initial principal amount and all accumulated interest.” After defining the two types of interest, Jeb gave students examples of investment types like the US Treasury Bond and Stocks in companies like Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart. To finalize his presentation on investing, Jeb told the students that good investors make bets with the odds in their favor and try to win big. They accomplish this by doing good research, thinking for themselves and being patient.

Students found a lot of value in Jeb's presentation. Kaniz Faria, a junior at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School in New York City said, "Jeb's presentation introduced me to new information that helped me learn a lot. Before this, I had no idea how investing actually worked." The entire team at Daniel Trust Foundation would like to thank Jeb Gaybrick for sharing his knowledge on Saving and Investing with our students, for all the positive words he shared with them during his presentation, and for his continued advocacy and support as a Member of our Monthly Giving Program. Jeb, you are amazing!

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