Meet the 10 high school teachers who will receive The Kathy Silver Award at The 5th Annual Daniel Tr

Hi there—It’s Daniel Trust. I’m so honored to introduce you to the 10 high school teachers who are being honored with The Kathy Silver Award by my Scholars at The 5th Annual Daniel Trust Awards on June 7, 2018.

One of the many things that makes Daniel Trust Foundation unique is that, when our high school mentees graduate from our Mentoring Program and become Scholars in our Scholarship Program, we ask them to nominate and honor a teacher who has made the biggest impact in their lives.

The Kathy Silver Award was inspired by my former high school Arts Teacher, Kathy Silver, an amazing teacher who has gone on to become a strong leader, and currently serves as the Assistant Principal at Harding High School.

When I was in high school and college, Kathy believed in my full potential. I had so many crazy ideas of how I wanted to change the world and Kathy always invested in and supported all my ideas. Instead of pulling me down, Kathy always encouraged me to pursue my goals and dreams without fear.

It’s been 10 years since I graduated from high school and Kathy continues to be a great role model and a wonderful friend to me. It brings me so much joy and happiness to give my Scholars the opportunity to honor the teachers who have impacted their lives just like Kathy has done for me.

This week, I had the honor of photographing the 10 teachers with the Scholars who nominated them for The Kathy Silver Award. Please enjoy the photos below. If you know any of these teachers, please reach out to them and congratulate them for receiving this recognition from their students.

Beatriz Guevara, William King and Doubenz Fabius

If you ask students at Bassick High School who is the best ESL teacher, they will say it’s William King. Mr. King is so loved and respected by his students. This year, 2018 Daniel Trust Scholars Doubenz Fabius, Beatriz Guevara and Esther Kamengele are honoring Mr. King with The Kathy Silver Award.

Fabiola Garcia and Kaitlin Pecora

“I’m honoring Ms. Pecora with The Kathy Silver Award because she is one of the few teachers that truly care about her students doing well in school and makes sure they are mentally happy as well. Ms. Pecora is always looking out for me when I am not doing my best and always pushes me to do better.”

—Fabiola Garcia.

Steve James and Guy Guery

Ok—you’re going to love this! Steve James is a 3x winner of The Kathy Silver Award. Rose Charles honored him with the award in 2016, then Sade Reid in 2017 and this year, Guy Guery is doing the same. Guy says, “I’m honoring Mr. James with The Kathy Silver Award because whenever I need help in his class, I can always count on receiving his support. He has never rejected me. Mr. James is a cool teacher, not only with me, but with all his students.”

Mohammed Khair and Julie Vostinak

“I’m honoring Ms. Vostinak with The Kathy Silver Award at The 5th Annual Daniel Trust Awards because she is the only teacher I feel actually understands me. She takes her time to ask me how I’m doing in life and genuinely cares about me. Just knowing someone else out there is worried about my mental health is very reassuring to me because I’ve suffered through a lot of depression in my life.” —Mohammed Khair.

Reyes Huerta and Domenic DiPaola

“I had a very rough time in middle school because I was not motivated. But, when I started high school, I met Mr. DiPaola, a high spirited teacher with an enthusiasm for teaching. Mr. DiPaola made me realize that I had a second chance with my education.” —Reyes Huerta.

Emperatriz Mendoza and Dr. John Casper

“I’m honoring Dr. Casper with The Kathy Silver Award because he is an amazing teacher. One of his classes is very hard. Not many people understand Chemistry, but once I started understanding the subject, I loved it. Dr. Casper always offered to help me during and after school my junior year.”

—Emperatriz Mendoza.

Jan Blevins and Akbar Niyonkuru

“I’m honoring Ms. Blevins with The Kathy Silver Award because she is an amazing teacher. Because of her, I have improved my writing. Ms. Blevins has inspired me to read more. Believe it or not, I’m not a big fan of reading big boring books, but now I go home and read because I know in the morning, I can talk to her about the book I’m reading and she will listen.”

—Akbar Niyonkuru.

Mike Paul and Francine Mitchell

“I’m honoring Ms. Mitchell with The Kathy Silver Award because she has been there for me. I went through so much my junior year and Ms. Mitchell kept encouraging me to stay focus and positive. She did her best to help with all my problems.” —Mike Paul.

Khalid Muhammed and Richard Deecken

“I’m honoring Mr. Deecken with The Kathy Silver Award because he believes in me and has done so much, not only for me, but for other students as well. Mr. Deecken always does his best to make sure all his students succeed in his class.” —Khalid Muhammed.

Essence Wellington and Carmen Marietta-Francisco

“I'm honoring Mrs. Francisco with The Kathy Silver Award because she always pushes me to do better in school. For a very long time, I did not like writing essays. I lacked the confidence to do so. With Mrs. Francisco's help, I have improved my writing skills and know that I can do well in college.”

—Essence Wellington.

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