2018 Summer Fundraising Campaign - Donate Today!

(L-R): Mike Paul, Doubenz Fabius, Daniel Trust, Mohammed Khair and Guy Guery. Photo: Olivier Kpognon

For the first time, my team and I have launched a Summer Fundraising Campaign to help secure new donors and renew gifts from donors who donated last year, but have not donated this year.

I want to share this campaign with you and invite you to make a new donation or renew your gift to Daniel Trust Foundation by making a contribution in the amount of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or $1,000.

Click here to make your generous donation

As of today, my team and I have raised $65,000 towards our 2018 fundraising goal of $150,000. We are hoping to raise $5,000 - $10,000 online between now and August 31st.

The investment you made in our work last year had a Big Impact in the lives of our scholars and their teachers. Because of you, last month, we had a successful awards dinner.

Click here to make your generous donation

To see the impact of your donation, please click here to watch a video about the dinner, click here to see stories from the Scholars and here to see stories from the Teachers.

If you have any questions about my work or this campaign, please let me know by sending me an email at Dan@DanielTrust.org or by calling me at 203-545-3170. I thank you in advance for your gift.



P.S. if you think one of your friends might be interested in supporting and learning more about our work, please share this campaign with them and encourage them to donate.

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