Constellation, an Exelon company, has awarded us a grant because of Sherry Osadchey

(L-R): Sherry Osadchey and Akbar Niyonkuru. Photo: Daniel Trust

Three months ago, Sherry Osadchey, a Monthly Donor to Daniel Trust Foundation, received an email from Constellation, a leading competitive energy company in the USA, letting her know that, she can apply for a grant from the company’s Community Champions Program, to support a community based project that focuses on education, youth or the environment.

A few minutes after receiving the email, Sherry sent it to me and said:

“Daniel—Forwarding this to you in case it’s something relevant for you.”

I get very excited when our loyal donors (partners) send me leads to potential funding opportunities, so when I saw Sherry’s email, I instantly clicked through it to learn more about Constellation's Community Champions Program and to see if Daniel Trust Foundation qualified to apply for the grant.

After reviewing the grant application requirements, I emailed Sherry back and told her that because she is a Constellation customer, she can apply for the grant on behalf of Daniel Trust Foundation and I can even help her complete the application and submit all the required documents.

We submitted the application requesting $500 to support our High School Mentoring Program and I’m happy to announce that it was approved.

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to give everyone (scholars and donors) involved in our community the opportunity to make a difference. I do my very best to show our donors the impact they are making in our scholars’ lives and the scholars get the opportunity to connect and learn more about the generous people who are investing in their education and future.

Akbar Niyonkuru chats with Sherry Osadchey at her office in Farmington, CT. Photo: Daniel Trust

Yesterday, I invited Akbar Niyonkuru, an alumni of our high school mentoring program and one of our college scholars attending Fairfield University this Fall on a full-tuition scholarship, to drive up to Sherry’s office in Farmington, Connecticut with me, so that he can help me thank Sherry for her advocacy and generosity, and accept the grant on behalf of Daniel Trust Foundation.

I asked Sherry why she supports our work and this is what she told me:

“I feel such respect and appreciation for Daniel Trust Foundation’s mission. Providing the amazing breadth of services, guidance and caring that you bring to young people who don’t have situations that naturally afford them such opportunities is a remarkable offering. The mentees and scholarship recipients chosen by The Foundation are each wonderfully engaged and deserving of all the opportunities that you make available to them.”

Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about how I have managed to grow and scale Daniel Trust Foundation and my answer has been this: our donors. It’s loyal donors and supporters like Sherry, who not only invest in our students themselves, but are always looking out for other funding opportunities on behalf of the Foundation. I’m really thankful to Sherry and all the loyal donors who continue to believe in our scholars and their potential.

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