Our new Program Manager Natalie Ortiz is already making a big difference for our students

(L-R): Jasmin Guevara and Natalie Ortiz at Daniel Trust Foundation's office. Photo: Daniel Trust

This Fall, Daniel Trust Foundation is providing mentorship, academic and emotional support to 19 high school seniors (10 in Bridgeport, Connecticut and 9 in New York City) who joined the Foundation’s Mentoring Program last Fall and completed our 15-week SAT Prep class this past April.

It’s been amazing to have our new Program Manager Natalie Ortiz, an alumna of our College Scholarship Program and a recent college graduate from the University of Bridgeport, help me provide our high school mentees with the resources they need to prepare for college.

Today, I had the honor of witnessing Natalie help 1 of the 19 seniors.

Earlier this summer, Jasmin Guevara, a mentee in our Mentoring Program and a senior at Fairchild Wheeler High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was worried and confused about writing her college essay until she started receiving help from Natalie.

I asked Jasmin how she feels about the help she is receiving and she said:

“I’m feeling very grateful about the support Natalie is giving me. At the beginning of the summer, I was worried about writing my college essay and I was confused, but now I’m much more confident since I’m receiving help from someone who has already had this experience.”

Natalie Ortiz helps Jasmin Guevara review her college essay. Photo: Daniel Trust

Today marked the 3rd time Jasmin is meeting with Natalie one-on-one.

“My third meeting with Jasmin was today and we went over her college essay. She has chosen a great topic to write about and has a good draft,” Natalie shared with me when I asked her about the meeting. “The essay just needs more organization, a stronger hook and improvement in word choice and sentence structure. My goal is to help Jasmin make this a perfect essay.”

I am so proud of Natalie and everything she is doing to help our students.

Not only is Natalie helping Jasmin with her college essay, but she has already helped her create a resume, which Jasmin will give to her guidance counselor and teachers as soon as she begins school next month, so they can write her letters of recommendation for college.

“Jasmin was very happy with the resume I helped her create,” Natalie said.

All 19 high school seniors in our mentoring program will receive the same high level of mentorship, academic and emotional support Jasmin is receiving from Natalie this Fall. We are going to do everything in our power to make sure our mentees have all the resources they need to succeed in life.

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