Linzi Prpich Bullardhas has received a prestigious Fellowship

Linzi Prpich Bullard on her graduation day at Mercer University.

Meet Linzi Prpich Bullard, an alumna of our College Scholarship Program. Linzi received our scholarship in 2015. This past May, Linzi graduated summa cum laude from Mercer University in 3 years with a B.A in Mathematics and minors in Business Administration and Biblical Languages.

At Mercer University, Linzi won integrated studies awards for her interest in a wide range of topics. She was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Mu Epsilon; a mathematics honors society, TKA; an academic religious honors society, and maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA throughout college.

In June, Linzi was selected as 1 of 24 Georgia Fellows for the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship, a highly competitive program that recruits both recent graduates and career changers with strong backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, and math—the STEM fields—and prepares them specifically to teach in high-need secondary schools.

“The program focuses on STEM and preparing teachers like how doctors are prepared,” Linzi told Daniel Trust, President and CEO of Daniel Trust Foundation. “I am excited to look for ways to reform and change not only my classroom, but also my school and the school system at large.”

Linzi Prpich Bullard receives the Daniel Trust Foundation Scholarship.

Each Teaching Fellow receives $30,000 to complete a specially designed, cutting-edge master’s degree program based on a year-long classroom experience. In return, Fellows commit to teach for three years in the urban and rural Georgia schools that most need strong STEM teachers. Throughout the three-year commitment, Fellows receive ongoing support and mentoring.

This Fall, Linzi began her graduate studies at Georgia State University, where she will spend one year completing her Master’s degree. After obtaining her graduate degree, Linzi will continue on to teach in the classroom at a high-need secondary school in Georgia. In the future, Linzi plans to obtain a Ph.D. in Education and work in educational reform and leadership.

“I’m so proud of Linzi and everything she has accomplished in such a short period of time,” said Daniel Trust, President and CEO of Daniel Trust Foundation. “I feel honored to know her and to have her as an alumna of our College Scholarship Program. I look forward to seeing her continue to thrive as she begins her graduate studies at Georgia State University.”

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