Natalie Ortiz is changing the lives of high achieving low-income students in CT and NY

Watch the video above to witness how Natalie Ortiz is changing lives.

4 years ago, Natalie Ortiz received our College Scholarship. This past May, she graduated from the University of Bridgeport. Today, she is giving back to the community by mentoring other students in Bridgeport, Connecticut and New York City as our Program Manager. What a great way to pay it forward!

To help highlight the impact Natalie is making in the lives of the young people who are participating in our Mentoring Program, we are pleased to premiere a short impact video directed by Djess Jacques, our Digital Content Producer.

“I joined The Daniel Trust Foundation Mentoring Program because of the resources it provides such as free SAT prep and the help students receive with college preparation,” said Jasmin Guevara, a Senior at Fairchild Wheeler High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut. “It’s very hard to receive help from high school guidance counselors because they have so many students.”

In the Fall semester, Daniel Trust Foundation recruits 20 low-income high school juniors (10 in Bridgeport, Connecticut and 10 in New York City) for its mentoring program. The Foundation receives student recommendations for the program from alumni, local nonprofit organizations, guidance counselors and teachers at local high schools.

The Daniel Trust Foundation Mentoring Program Application opens on November 1st and closes on November 30th at 11:59pm EST each year. After the application closes, the Foundation staff reviews applications, interviews and selects qualified students in December.

The 20 low-income students who are selected for The Daniel Trust Foundation Mentoring Program receive free SAT prep, mentorship and other academic support for 2 hours/week for 15 weeks in the Spring semester of their junior year. Daniel Trust Foundation partners with Varsity Tutors, an award-winning national tutoring company, to provide high level tutoring experience to the students. In addition, Daniel Trust Foundation invites college admission and financial aid experts to conduct workshops and presentations for the students.

In the Fall semester of their senior year, The Foundation staff helps the 20 low-income students apply to college and for financial aid, reviews their college essays, helps them create a resume, and provides other academic and emotional support the students might need. Once students successfully complete all stages of The Daniel Trust Foundation High School Mentoring Program, the Foundation awards them a 4-year $2,000 scholarship (students receive $500 per year) to help them pay for the costs of their college textbooks and supplies. Even though the mentoring program ends when students graduate from high school, the Foundation continues to mentor and support the students throughout their college journey.

“What I love the most about Natalie is that she is on top of me. She has shown me that she is concerned about me and has proved that she wants to see me accomplish great things and become successful,” said Jasmin Guevara in the video. “I definitely recommend this program to other students because it’s very helpful and the staff actually wants to see you succeed in life.”

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