Elizabeth P. Ball, President and Creative Director of TFI Envision, is changing the lives

Watch the video above to see why Liz supports Daniel Trust Foundation. Video: Djess Jacques

A few months ago, I reached out to my friend Elizabeth P. Ball (Liz), President and Creative Director of TFI Envision, Inc. and asked her if she was open to having our team produce a digital story that highlights her work, achievements and the impact she is making in the community.

Liz is a powerful woman in the creative industry and leads a team of creative professionals at TFI Envision, where they work together on strategic solutions within 5 key disciplines: branding, promotion, digital, packaging and corporate communication, for global clients such as Standard Motor Products, Unilever, Edgewell, American Express, Xerox as well as a range of nonprofits such as Maritime Aquarium, Fairfield County's Community Foundation, Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum, Building One Community and Inspirica.

As you can imagine, when I reached out to Liz, I was so nervous because I wasn’t sure if she would accept our invitation to do a story on her, but thankfully, she said yes, and invited our team to interview her at the TFI Envision, Inc. office in Norwalk, Connecticut. What an honor!

Since 1983, Liz and her team have won over 1400 awards for their design work. “We honestly are so happy with every award we’ve received and we share that joy with our clients because without our clients giving us those opportunities to do this kind of creative work, we wouldn't be getting awards,” Liz shared with us in this video. “Kudos to our clients for letting us push the envelope. Awards aren’t given to those that do same old same old kind of work. We get to really push the envelope and that's part of what we love to do.”

I was introduced to Liz by a mutual friend and ever since she learned about the work Daniel Trust Foundation is doing to impact the lives of high achieving low-incomes students, she has not only invested in them, but she has become one of their biggest advocates in the community.

“When we heard about Daniel Trust Foundation and the fantastic work that it does, it really touched my heart,” Liz told us. “You are helping to support students in an area in Fairfield County that frankly has struggled for a long time and really needs a great deal of more support.”

I admire what Liz does with her creative marketing and design agency, what she has accomplished over the years and her philanthropic work. The reason why Daniel Trust Foundation continues to make a big impact in the community is because of kind and generous donors and supporters like Liz. I want to sincerely thank Liz for sponsoring 10 scholarships at The Daniel Trust Awards this past June and for everything she and her team are doing to advocate for the young people who benefit from our programs and services.

To learn more about Liz and TFI Envision, please visit: TFIEnvision.com.

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