Sapna Rampersaud, an Alumna of our College Scholarship Program, says she will run for U.S. President

If you met and spoke to Sapna Rampersaud for the first time, you would not know that this Harvard University educated future President of the United States of America faced many hardships growing up in New York.

“I grew up in a very impoverished neighborhood and family. When I was 7 years old, my parents got divorced and they separated. It was pretty rough for over a decade,” Sapna says in a recent video produced by Daniel Trust Foundation to show its impact. “We grew up not being able to afford food, we would wait in long lines at the food pantry, have cereal for dinner because we could not afford a real meal, we could not afford proper clothing during the winter, and we didn’t have hot water, so we would shower in cold water.”

Despite all the struggles she and her family went through as a child, Sapna never used them as an excuse that would prevent her from achieving greatness. Instead of making excuses, Sapna has used her childhood experiences to study and work hard, so that one day she can give back.

“I think that even though I had an underprivileged childhood, it really allowed me to value the things I have today and the things I don’t have," Sapna said. “The biggest takeaway I learned is that I am really passionate about becoming a lawyer and going into public service because my mom could not afford a lawyer when she was going through divorce proceeding with my father.”

Today, Sapna is thriving as an alumna of the College Scholarship Program at Daniel Trust Foundation and as a senior at Harvard University, where she is studying Government and History, and will graduate from this May.

In the near future, Sapna plans to attend law school and to open her own law firm. Eventually, Sapna would like to work in state and national politics for a number of years and run for President of the United States of America.

“I am beyond grateful and honored to be a part of Daniel Trust Foundation. Being an alumna of the Foundation’s College Scholarship Program has helped my life in so many ways,” Sapna said in the video. “The biggest thing the Foundation has done is take away something that I have struggled with my whole childhood, which is financial uncertainty.”

Once she has the capacity to do so in the near future, Sapna plans to give back to the community, not only to Daniel Trust Foundation, but also to other young women and men who grew up in poverty like herself.

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