Delia Petti, a new donor to Daniel Trust Foundation, is raising awareness and money for our students

Lix Fox and Delia Petti take a selfie at The Daniel Trust Awards in Bridgeport, CT.

Donor referrals are very powerful and there is nothing that makes me happier than when an existing donor of Daniel Trust Foundation refers our work to their family, friends, and colleagues.

Last month, Delia Petti attended The Daniel Trust Awards in Bridgeport, CT for the first time. Her mother, Liz Fox, who has been a long time donor to Daniel Trust Foundation, invited her to the event.

Delia did not know what to expect at the awards dinner, but by the end of the event, she was inspired by the stories she heard from the students and teachers who were honored that evening.

When I asked for donations at the end, Delia raised her hand and made her first donation of $250 to Daniel Trust Foundation. Not only that, she told me she would share our story with her friends on Facebook and try to raise awareness and money for us.

Everyday, I meet people who express an interest in supporting our efforts. Some people follow through with their promises and others don’t, which drives me crazy, but I've learned to make peace with it. So, when I saw that Delia had shared her experience and our story on Facebook, it really made my day.

Here is the full post Delia shared with her friends on Facebook:

“Daniel Trust Foundation is an organization that helps fund qualifying low income students with the supplies and support they need to further their education.

Last week, I attended their awards ceremony where the scholars honored their most influential teachers. I got a little more than I bargained for. I was expecting your basic “thanks for helping me a little extra Mr. So and so.” What I got was a window into these scholars everyday lives that was nothing less than a major reality check.

The story that struck me the most was a 16 year old Bangladeshi girl. She spoke about how without the support of Daniel Trust Foundation, she wouldn’t have been able to “to do it.” I’m thinking, what is she 45? What couldn’t she do? Figure out a dress for prom? That’s something older people say! But as her story unfolded it became apparent. She may be 16, but she carries the responsibility of her entire family on her shoulders.

She talked about her experience buying a home, the stress of translating documents for her parents who don’t speak the language. She spoke of how it was a balancing act between school, extra curricular activities like SAT class & meeting with contractors, etc. She spoke about her younger brother making sure he was taken care of because her parents were working. Meanwhile, trying to compete with fellow 16 year olds who have a very different day to day. Yet she did all this thankful to have the opportunity of simply going to school with a little extra support from Daniel Trust Foundation.

Below, I have attached a link to donate to this amazing Foundation. Please!! Give what you can - they also offer monthly giving options ❤️❤️❤️. In return, anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a complimentary blow out from me as a special thank you.”

I am not sure how you felt after reading her post, but for me, it really touched my heart. I felt like our team had done a wonderful job to show how we are impacting the lives of young people and we had found a new generous friend who was helping us share our story and impact with the world.

Delia’s post on Facebook has since raised $615 from 8 people. As a small nonprofit, every penny we receive makes a big difference in the lives of the young people we support through our mentoring and scholarship programs.

I want to sincerely thank Delia for her generous donation, for helping us raise awareness and money on Facebook, and most importantly, for keeping her promise. Delia, everyone here at Daniel Trust Foundation appreciates you and we are very grateful for what you have done to support our students.

Here is an invitation to our community: If you are on Facebook and you would like to help raise awareness and money for our students, please click here to create a fundraiser. If you are not on Facebook, you can use Crowdrise.

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