Daniel Trust Foundation has awarded 1 million Rwandan Francs to 10 young entrepreneurs in Rwanda

Daniel Trust Foundation is pleased to share with the world that it has awarded 1 million Rwandan Francs to 10 young entrepreneurs to help them start or grow their businesses in Rwanda.

Each entrepreneur received 100,000 Rwf at a luncheon hosted by the Foundation leadership team in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

“Investing in young people is the right thing to do,” said Daniel Trust, President & CEO at Daniel Trust Foundation. “Young people are the future.”

When Daniel Trust Foundation launched its 1st program in Rwanda to support girls’ education last year, it produced a video that received 24,000 views on Instagram and 31,000 views on Facebook.

As a result of the video success, hundreds of youth in Rwanda messaged the Foundation team asking for employment opportunities.

Since Daniel Trust Foundation itself does not have the capacity to create jobs, the team thought about ways it can help these young people and that is where the idea of creating a social media entrepreneurship contest was born.

Young Rwandans were invited to share their stories and business ideas with Daniel Trust and Amani Habarugira on Instagram. The top 10 stories that received the most likes on their posts from their friends and family were the ones that were selected as winners.

To highlight 3 of the 10 young entrepreneurs, Daniel Trust Foundation partnered with Illume Creative Studio again to produce this short video. The video was recorded at the luncheon in Kigali.

You can learn more about the business ideas of the 10 young entrepreneurs by visiting the Foundation’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin.

“I am very impressed by the business ideas of these young entrepreneurs,” said Amani Habarugira, Senior Advisor at Daniel Trust Foundation. “I think we have a bright future with these young people.”

Daniel Trust Foundation believes it’s important that we invest in young entrepreneurs in Rwanda and Africa because entrepreneurs create jobs. We know that when someone creates a business, they will support themselves, their family and they will give back to their community.

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