Kriss Espoir receives a Rwf1 million cash prize for winning The 2021 Daniel Trust Music Challenge

Daniel Trust Foundation, an award-winning nonprofit organization that supports young people in the United States and Rwanda, is pleased to announce that Kriss Espoir is the winner of The 2021 Daniel Trust Music Challenge, a digital singing competition for youth in Rwanda.

Kriss Espoir, a 22 year-old songwriter, singer and producer, wowed fans worldwide with Teleport, a song that he wrote, produced and performed specifically for The Daniel Trust Music Challenge.

”As an artist getting myself out there is the best thing to do to gain exposure," Kriss said. "Participating in competitions like this gives artists like myself the opportunity to connect with new fans.”

Kriss said that participating in The Daniel Trust Music Challenge helped him learn that winning takes not only talent but also endurance, consistency, putting pride aside, asking for help and thinking outside the box.

“Winning this competition shows me that what I have been doing for the past 4 years mean something to the world,” Kriss said. “This win gives me the confidence I need to keep learning, developing and pursuing my music career.”

Kriss told Daniel Trust Foundation that he will use his Rwf1,000,000 cash prize to produce a music video for Teleport and that he wants to develop and grow his skills and talent.

“I intend to upgrade my studio so my products and services can compete worldwide,” Kriss said.

A friend who has since passed away inspired Kriss to learn how to produce music when the friend helped him produce his first song “A Little More,” in 2018.

“My deceased friend KASASA Asaad helped me produce my very first song,” Kriss said. “After working together, I started learning from him and I would send him beats. Asaad would then correct me and show me where to improve. May his soul rest in peace.”

Since launching his music career, Kriss has released 3 albums, which include “Versions of You,” “My Mind Is Pregnant,” and “GEMINI.”

Before Kriss knew the title of his latest album, he had two songs talking about completely different things but on the same topic like “I love you and I hate you.”

“Being a Gemini brings so much undecidedness in me,” Kriss said. “Since I believe in horoscopes, I knew the album was going to be called “GEMINI.”

Other rising Rwandan artists like Paintedblvck, Mazo, MaestroBoomin, ET, Nikita Heaven, Yannick MYK, Big Game and Arnaud Gray are featured on GEMINI.

“I work very hard for my craft. That’s why you hear a lot of details on GEMINI,” Kriss said. “I also had help with the album. Starting with my family stabilizing my mental health and then collaborating with about 12 talented artists.”

Kriss told Daniel Trust Foundation that he thinks he is an introvert but people say he is the opposite. He’d rather listen than talk and only say something when it’s necessary.

Who is Kriss Espoir’s favorite artist in the world? Chris Brown.

“From lyricism, singing, production, dancing to being a father, Chris Brown shows me how much we as artists can do and not be limited to anyone or anything,” Kriss said.

Kriss Espoir's fans from Rwanda and around the world can stream GEMINI on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer and Audiomack.

The Daniel Trust Music Challenge is hosted on Instagram by Daniel Trust, President and CEO of Daniel Trust Foundation, who also serves as the Executive Producer and Host.

Kaya Byinshii, Arnaud Gray and Rluta served as Brand Ambassadors and Judges for this year's competition. The 3 judges are alumni of The 2020 Daniel Trust Music Challenge and are rising stars in Rwanda.

Next year, The Daniel Trust Music Challenge will be hosted from August 5, 2022 to August 26, 2022. The competition will be bigger and better. Rwandan youth, get ready!

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