Teacher Recognition Program

One of the things that makes Daniel Trust Foundation unique is that we ask our scholarship recipients to nominate and honor teachers who have made a big impact in their lives. Teachers who are nominated by our students receive an achievement award and a $250 honorarium to help them supplement out of pocket expenses.

Why Honor Teachers?

“On average, teachers spent $500 for supplies and one in 10 spent $1,000 or more. For teachers in lower-income districts, the burden can be even higher. Within the past year, Communities in Schools conducted a survey of 700 teachers and found that more than 90% have to buy school supplies to help low-income kids whose parents can’t afford even basic things like pens and notebooks.” —Martha C. White via Time Magazine


Impact of our Teacher Recognition Program


The number of teachers who have been honored through our Teacher Recognition Program. 


The amount of honorariums we've awarded to educators through our Teacher Recognition Program.


Ninety five percent of the teachers we've honored and recognized teach in low-income communities.